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Michael Kors Laptop Bag

I hope you are having a wonderful start to the new year.  I recently found this amazing bag that I am completely in love with.  It holds my MacBook, iPad, iPhone and all their accessories but still has plenty of room for a wallet and make-up bag.  Truly a dream come true AND when I don't need my computer, I simply take it out and I still have a stylish bag to carry around.  I've been hunting for YEARS for this bag... Thank you Michael Kors!

Do you have a bag that you can't live without? (mine used to be a Petunia Pickle Bottom diaper bag)!


  1. I can't live without ALL my bags!!!! - I feel ya girl!!!

  2. I love MK's sleek and classic designs. Let me know if you start an instagram! I'll follow you!

  3. Love your MK's bag! I have a Kate Spade Marjane Bow Regard handbag that is about a year old but I still am madly in love with it. Everywhere I go people say how much they love it.... I guess I'm not the only one! xo

  4. you're definitely styling with this MK bag! my fave bag right now is any that is big enough for diapers:-). hope you have a wonderful weekend! xx

  5. What a great bag! I love all the compartments! Congrats, love and wear it well :) xoxo

  6. What a fabulous bag - I think I need to own it! xo

  7. WOW..that bag is amazing:) I love how organized it is:) Happy Monday, my dear. xo

  8. First time popping in..over from StyleN...
    That is a fabulous bag..thanks for sharing...I have so many beautiful bags..but NONE of them fit my computer in an efficient way..I end up throwing my laptop or Ipad in with the rest of my junk...I need some organization like this in my life!

    Def following along...C

  9. whats the price on this and how can you order from here

  10. Oh, that looks incredible - shame my Mac Book is too big to fit! When I replace this one, I think I am going to get a 13" not a 15", just so I can get lots of cute designer accessories for it!

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