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Charlie Sheen...


Okay, so, I hate to bring him up as I'm sure you all have heard and read enough about him in the last few weeks, but I am curious what you're thinking.  I loved the show...didn't care about his personal life because it didn't affect me, and I was upset they canceled the show.  But after seeing the interview I'm starting to think differently, confused.  What do you think?

Happy Wednesday!!! xx


  1. Totally agree with you. I love the show and its a bummer that they cancelled it. To be honest I dont care about his personal stuff I just wish they all would sit down and sort it out so we can have the show back on air. Happy day, sweetie

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  2. I have no idea what is going on, I live under a rock!

  3. Im like Krystal...I have no idea either!! lol..I heard on Twitter that he turned out be to quite the freakshow, lol....but thats all I know.......

  4. i'm SO over this guy! - never was a huge fan - didn't watch the 20/20 thing - but just over him ..

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  5. I love the show and will be so sad if it never comes back on air because it is one of my favorites. I have never really gotten into anyone's personal life and what I am about to say you'll probably be like "what" but my friend and I were discussing it and I think it's a fair conclusion. He's honestly living the "american dream" think about it.... what guy doesn't want to live life making millions, banging the hottest girls around, doing drugs and not getting in trouble oh and he's invincible. With all that he's done he should be dead. Instead he's running marathons around a neighborhood at 3 am. he's like superman a really gooooooooone superman lol.

  6. ugh this is such a trainwreck to watch...but i just canot stop. he called into a local boston radio station today. he looks so sickly on tv. it's sad. such a funny show...i don't think it can come back.

  7. And now he has started a Twitter account and is apparently ranting and raving all over twitter. Clearly some celebs NEED a publicist...or a babysitter.

    Lexi @

  8. I love the show too... He needs to stop being so dramatic and get back to work!


  9. Did you watch him on 20/20 last night?? Him and his "goddesses"?? Oh wow, he's a little crazy right now!

    Happy Wednesday Darling! xo

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  10. I've never been a fan... didn't see the 20/20, but I'm guessing it would add to my dislike. ha He seems seriously out of control right now!!

  11. I read the funniest thing the other day
    "this year is moving faster than Charlie Sheen on a first date" amazing hhaha
    I hope he finds his way back to sanity he's a dad after all and those babies need a sane dad!
    xx tash

  12. I love the of my faves. But he is so insanely manic right now and needs to get some serious help. Some of the sh*it he says is absolutely ridiculous!

  13. Seriously so hard to watch. He's everywhere and won't shut up. Major trainwreck!

  14. I didn't watch the interview...but the snippets of statements that he's given sure do make him see like quite the crazy train!

  15. I think he is the new Britney..
    lee x

  16. He's like a car crash... you really don't want to look, but you have to!

  17. hmmm don't watch the show but I feel like he is all over the news and I was in LA last week and it felt like that's all that was on TV!

  18. Aww, this is beautiful !!
    I love it !! ♥


    ...OH MY VOGUE !

  19. He's crazy, but oh well I guess it gets more people watching I would think:-)

  20. I think he's gone mad-really! He most certainly needs help. I've never watched the show which is probably a good thing-that way i won't miss it or feel terrible that it was canceled.

  21. I just think its really sad. I hope he gets better! I didn't watch the show often, but when I did, it was laugh out loud funny!

  22. i was definitely thinking about posting about this soon... at first i found it really funny...all the rants and crazy things he was saying...but now im feeling a bit bad. he is really sick and i hope he can get help before it's too late. i mean you know he is really sick when his dad and brother make public appearances about it :-S

    have a great day!

  23. I love the show I don't want them to cancel it :/

  24. I've managed to miss most of this Charlie Sheen debacle (clearly have been living under a rock - or a blog). That is a fab picture of him - it just seems such a shame that he's gone rolling down a slippery slope to disaster. x

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