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Zebra...can't get enough!

Get a great new look for your bedroom in a weekend or less

Happy Friday! Finally have the chance to sit down and post (crazy week)! And since my last post about my office I have fallen completely in love with zebra and want to add it everywhere.  I found some great pieces on the internet but now I have to decide which room to add it to (Family or Living Room).  Any suggestions are welcome and appreciated!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful week and a great weekend planned! I am having a girl's night out tonight as for the rest of the weekend it's shopping for zebra and possibly painting the office, having recessed lights installed and maybe some new curtains! 



  1. I love zebra. My mom loves it even more. Hope you have some great finds this weekend :) And hope you had a fabulous birthday!!!! Miss you! xo

  2. Wow love this. I am not big on animal prints but this is beautiful!


  3. OMG gorgeous space!
    I needed that rug!


  4. Love that zebra rug - can't go wrong with a little animal print ;)

  5. Oh I just love zebra too! I've been thinking about getting a rug for my living room. Just have to convince J to go along with it. So far no luck... :)

    Have a great weekend, sweetie! xoxo

  6. A woman after my own heart! I am in a heavy animal print phase right now and that rug is absolutely divine! Wishing you a fab weekend lady xoxo

  7. LOVELOVELOVE!!!!!!! (I have that pillow on my bed! its reversible, love how it can be more yellow or more grey depending on the side!)

  8. Beautiful!! I so hope you find the rug!! It's gorgeous!

  9. It all sounds so good.... the zebra, the girls night out, new curtains... ahhhh... life is good! xo

  10. Love it! I had a zebra rug in my living room when i lived in the last house. It'll look great in a dining room too...

  11. I love zebra rugs and this one is totally beautiful:) Hope you had a fun girls night out, darling
    Happy Sunday

  12. good to hear the office redecorating is coming along nicely. I love the idea of adding some zebra prints in the home. Did you decided family or living room? Hope you enjoyed the girls night out too!

  13. I hope the girl's night out was fun dear Alleen! I love the zebra details...ops and it's already Valentine's Day :-)

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Cheers: Evi

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