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happy friday

Wishing you a wonderful weekend!!




divine cardigan

I know it's only fall, but with all the snow on the East coast last year I find myself gravitating toward warm cozy clothes.  I was looking through the online catalog for Toast, if you haven't seen it you MUST check it out, and I found this amazing cardigan.

I can't decide on which color (ivory or gray), maybe both, I like best.  But I know I can imagine a snow day snuggled up near a warm fireplace wearing this cardigan and not caring if the kiddies are completely destroying the house... can't forget the adult beverage since I am now dreaming.  :)

Happy middle of the week!!


fall says Bergdorf Goodman

Michael Kors Fall 2010 sequin gowns
Akris Fall 2010 feather front high-waist pants and wool jacket and pants
Derek Lam Fall 2010 camel color fur vest, riding coat
Derek Lam Fall 2010 white blouse, black silk and leather skirt, black and white jacket, motorcycle pants
D & G Fall 2010 rabbit and woolo jacket,alpaca sweater,silk skirt.knit jumpsuit shorts
D & G Fall 2010 bags and fur boots

So many great ideas for fall, that is now upon us!  What is YOUR favorite? If you want more information and pricing, click this link.

Happy shopping!!!


caramel apples...yummy

I posted about caramel apples early in the month and then after reading Nikki's post at Style & Charm and she was enjoying a delicious caramel apple, I just had to make some myself.  Well, when I say myself, I have 3 little sets of hands (with an extra set as we had company) ready and willing to help.

I started with gala apples which were average to small in size, a bag of caramel candy (we ended up using 2 bags), Popsicle sticks, and toppings (mini chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, toffee chips and sprinkles of all colors for Halloween).  I melted the caramel stove top and then transfer it to a candy warmer, you'll see it in red below, to make it easier for dipping the apples into and to prevent burns to little people.  I will say this, caramel hardens quick so be sure to dip it in the desired toppings quickly or else you'll have to double to dip to warm up the caramel again.  Sprinkles work 100% better when put on immediately after the caramel dip.  It's going to be messy (fun for the dogs though, which I think they were on a sugar high for hours after) but not fun to clean up caramel once it dries. I used a rack covered with parchment paper to dry the apples.

It was definitely a TON of fun and they were great to eat.  I really like the toffee ones and second was the peanut butter ones.  Since we had such a variety, I ended up cutting the apples into slices off the stick so we could try a wide variety of combinations.  I think the adults enjoyed them as much as the kids!!!

Happy Monday...