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fall says Bergdorf Goodman

Michael Kors Fall 2010 sequin gowns
Akris Fall 2010 feather front high-waist pants and wool jacket and pants
Derek Lam Fall 2010 camel color fur vest, riding coat
Derek Lam Fall 2010 white blouse, black silk and leather skirt, black and white jacket, motorcycle pants
D & G Fall 2010 rabbit and woolo jacket,alpaca sweater,silk skirt.knit jumpsuit shorts
D & G Fall 2010 bags and fur boots

So many great ideas for fall, that is now upon us!  What is YOUR favorite? If you want more information and pricing, click this link.

Happy shopping!!!


  1. I'm loving the color simplicity of these collections. After so much color and pattern mixing of spring and summer, it's a breath of fresh air to tone it down.

  2. Absolutely loving these collections. Sequins are such a staple and even so sexy. I'm totally loving this!

  3. These are such great shots of the collections! I think I'm getting into the furry boots..
    Have a great day! Wish you were here to get some Baked & Wired.. xo

  4. I am totally in love with Michael Kors and the whole collection:)

  5. I love all of those greyish sweater prints...and the BAGS!!
    ~ Village

  6. They're all fabulous! I've been dreaming of owning some of D&Gs collection since it's debut last Spring. So gorgeous. And I'm loving Derek Lam too :)

  7. Beautiful photos to post. Bergdorf Goodman the best store on the planet! love. xx Emily

  8. Ugh don't tempt me! I will NOT click the shopping link (repeating in my head)! But I WILL lust over the furry boots! So yummy!

  9. Camel and gray!!! :)


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