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Bath Tub

                                         {Via SPI Design}

Designer's Notes

SPI commissioned this sculptural solid stone, oversized tub in France. Weighing over three tons, the tub had to be lowered into the bathroom with a crane via the skylight since it would not fit through the bathroom door.

Hammerschmidt contemporary master bathroom

                                   {Via Velvet Hammerschmidt}

Designer's Notes

For this master bathroom remodel, the entire bathroom is demolished. A wall dividing the space is lowered to open the plan and allow natural light into the previously closed-off vanity area. All finishes and fixtures are updated, including high-end, back-painted glass tile, green onyx countertops and a pebble floor.

Hammerschmidt sleek contemporary bathroom tub

                                   {Via Velvet Hammerschmidt}

Designer's Notes

This sleek bathroom is set apart in its careful detailing. Convenient niches are tiled to compliment the wall color. The custom vanity's flat-panel doors are edged in stainless steel to protect the doors and add a subtle, sophisticated accent to the rich wenge wood, and the floating vanity feels even more ethereal due to being light from underneath. Sleek chrome fixtures and hardware continue the sleek lines of the spaces even in the smallest details.


  1. WOW, the top tub and entire bathroom = my dream!!!

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