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{Echo Bella}...repeat beauty. Passion for all things, jewelry, food, decor, photography and people I love. Cheers!

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"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams." Eleanor Roosevelt


          Happy New Year’s Eve!!!!


I wish you all a wonderful and safe New Year’s Eve! Much health and happiness in 2011.  Cheers!!! xoxo

Ps What are your plans for this evening? We are hosting a party!


Is it snowing where you are?


I love snow and was so wishing it would hit us, DC area, however, it seems that every city including the cities south of us have snow on the east coast but us!!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday and are getting ready for a New Year celebration! xoxo


Merry Christmas!!! XOXO


I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!!


Holiday cards…
I simply adore this card and dislike mine even more so now. Here’s my dilemma… we had a family picture taken at Thanksgiving.  The next day I uploaded and ordered cards.  A few days later I received the cards and I really don’t like them SO we are at the 20th of December and I haven’t made new ones NOR sent out the average looking cards.  I’m thinking we’re just not going to send them out this year.  What would you do? Send out the average looking ones or just forgo the entire thing?

Happy Monday and I hope you had a wonderful weekend!!! xx


Peppermint and Chocolate…Yum!


I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  The girls and I attended an annual tea party complete with making gingerbread houses and pine cone bird feeders while the boys headed to the farm. 

I am putting together my cookie list (this one is on it for sure) and don’t these look divine.  I am looking for new and different ideas this year.  What is your favorite kind of cookie to bake/eat? Do you have a favorite family tradition?  xoxo

ps how cute is the candy cane could use them to line a box or container.


Thanksgiving table…a bit late!!

This is our main table from table was adorable too!  I know it's December and I should have posted these earlier.  But hey, better late than never!  The little turkey place cards were from Our Best Bites and the girls had a blast making them.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!!  xoxo


What type of ornament do you fancy?

Do you use one color, perhaps two colors or lots of colors?  I have a tree for the children, which is full of colors, materials, shapes and sizes and then a more “grown-up” tree in the living room which lacks all of the above but is still very elegant.  How do you decorate?

Hope you have a lovely Tuesday!!  xoxo


Walking the dog in style…
Royal Rhinestone Waste Bag Holder PRINCESS PINK with 1 Pack Poop Bags (PEDS)(ZW759) *** OUT OF STOCK ***
Royal Rhinestone Waste Bag Holder PRINCE BLUE with 1 Pack Poop Bags (PEDS)(ZW759)

Or should I say, cleaning up after the dog in style?  I just adore these baggie holders.  I have two male dogs but I am leaning toward the pink one.  After all, I am the one carrying it and if you have a dog you walk you know how important these bags are!  These would make a wonderful gift or stocking stuffer for the animal lover in your life!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!!! xoxo


Cupcakes…from my daughter’s birthday!

I know these cupcakes have nothing to do with shopping or holidays or December but I had so much fun making them, I figured I’d share!  They were a big hit with all the little people at the party.  If you follow me on Twitter you may remember it took me an entire day, right before Halloween, to find these lollipops with a plain white stick.  I ended up purchasing two large bags of mixed candies and picked out all of the lollipops.  Needless to say, I had plenty of candy to hand out on Halloween.

Hope you have a wonderful Thursday…I have my first package expected to arrive today so I’m excited!!  xoxo


Cyber Monday…piece of cake!!!

I was able to do most of my shopping in the comfort of my own home this year and I must say, I am HAPPY about that!  I also discovered that I was able to knock out majority of my shopping today because I wasn’t frustrated or distracted.  Nice clean list to cross things off of as I went through each and every site.  Although, it did take me a while to make sure I was getting the best price.  Now I wait for the UPS, FedEx and USPS man to visit me!!

Can’t wait to hear about your shopping weekend or cyber Monday!!!

PS…I know you have noticed that I have a new title design to my blog and I would like to thank little blue deer, Shari, for the wonderful design!! I just adore her work!  Please check out her blog…you won’t be disappointed!!  xoxo!!

PSS...My turkey was amazing!!!  I did the treaded pull the skin away and add butter but it was worth the disgusting feeling!!


Are you a BLACK Friday shopper?


I missed out on the crazy lines starting at the wee hours of the morning this year, hubby and I decided since we didn’t have any “big” purchases this year we would let the others of you take our place!!! 

Do you participate in the Black Friday madness?

ps This is a great article to help prepare for the madness...Good Luck! 

pss It's now time for Holiday music (if you haven't already)! xo


Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!  xoxo


I wish you & your loved ones a very Happy Thanksgiving!  I know I have a LOT to be thankful for… safe travels!


Turkey…how do you prepare yours?

I am hosting for 18 people this year and wanted to try something different for the turkey.   How do you prepare yours? Ideas please! J


Hot Cocoa

  I woke up this morning craving chocolate & look what I found in the pantry!!!

                                                              {Via Godiva}

   Do you have a favorite brand or perhaps a favorite way to serve yours?

                    Have a wonderfully sweet weekend… xoxo!


              Thanksgiving Table…

                                     {Via Martha Stewart }

 What will yours look like? Happy Wednesday! xoxo


                                Johnny Cash


I was working out this morning and I had my iPod on shuffle songs and I heard "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Johnny Cash and remembered how amazing some of his songs are.  What an american icon and he was truly talented.  Do you like his music?  What's your favorite song?

ps don't you just love the pictures...


Jeans…which are your favorite?

                                                              James Jeans

                                                                Joe's Jeans

                                                                   True Religion

                             Rock n' Republic

                             Citizens of Humanity

These are a few of my favorite pairs…I have a closet full of jeans as they are my first love. I hope you have a wonderful weekend filled with fun!!!  I am throwing on my jeans and heading to my parents farm!  What are your plans for the weekend?



iPad app for British Vogue...

Simply elegant…now we need a US version!

                                                  {Via BoF (Business of Fashion)}

A new little obsession of mine is finding new apps for my iPad.  I found this one from Conde Nast for Vogue in Britian.  What apps do you have and love?


                                                          {Via ANTHROPOLOGIE}

Love this picture almost as much as the store...I remember when I was very young there was a huge Anthropologie store that my Mother would always take me to.  It wasn't nearly as popular or trendy as it is today but I just loved their little trinkets and journals.  I have an amazing mirror in my daughters' bathroom that is made of iron and it has roses, vines and petals all made of iron woven around the mirror.  It's at least 12 years old and I get compliments on it every time someone sees it.

Hope you had a wonderful weekend!! 




What kinds of hats are you buying this fall/winter?  Happy middle of the week!!!


cell phones...

Some believe texting while driving is worse than drunk driving, I personally think they're both horrible and very dangerous.  This link will give you up to date cellphone laws in your state.  A few states have pretty hefty fines if caught.

 Do you text and drive?


A few articles worth reading...

Texting caused total 'distracted driving' death to rise, study shows

Cell phone "talkers and texters" worse than drunk drivers

NSC estimates 1.6 million crashes caused by cell phone use and texting


love of pumpkin continues...

Happy Friday…Happy Halloween…have a great weekend!

Happy Friday!!!  I made a few other goodies recently using PUMPKIN.  The first is a pumpkin bread with pecans, cranberries and orange zest and the second is a 3 layer pumpkin cake with cream cheese frosting!!

Due to lack of time, I didn't post the recipe but please let me know if you would like either of them!!!



photo displays

I just love to see picture displays and all the interesting ways people display them.  I have a few in my house but looking to create another one.  These are a few I came across that I like... how do you display your favorite pictures? Ledges...collages...mattes...wood frame...metal frame...B&W or color?  Possibilities are endless.  Love to hear about yours.
Happy Mid-Week !

Wood Gallery Single Opening Frames
Wood Gallery Multiple Opening Frames





Ivanka Trump Jewelry...Bubble Collection


I am completely in love with the Bubble Collection from Ivanka Trump.  I want to find a piece to add to my holiday list but I really can't decide which one I like the best.  They are all simply beautiful and elegant pieces.  Which one do you like the best?  I know all of you NYC'ers have to have visited her store.  What's it like or dare I ask because I know I would be a kid in a candy store.  To see more click the links above and HAPPY SHOPPING!!!  Do share if you buy...